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    How many inches can my ass take? I was just wondering how many things I can hide between my cheeks while I dance, walk, and jump. Those are some very strong weapons, I can assure you! Watch how I jiggle all my body while holding and grabbing 10 different objects with my fat. The video […]
    Look how I chug 5 donuts in less than X minutes while I do some belly play, thighs touch and loud burping. I also swallowed a big iced coffee with extra cream on it! The video is 10.51 minutes long. 1920 x 1080p (Visited 1,110 times, 43 visits today)
  • Fatty Workout 🏋️‍♀️
    I have literally spent years without exercising or even walking a bit. I have eaten everything I have wanted and could during this time, without thinking about the consequences.  The other day, while deciding what fast food I wanted to order, I saw an unknown number calling me on the phone. It turned out to […]
    Tried a very risky outfit to go get some groceries. While I walk down the stairs, my ass claps at every step, and my belly jiggles uncontrollably. Once I got down, I realized that was TOO much to go alone outside. Going down the stairs made my ass and tummy pop out of the short […]
    Tried that skinny 80’ girl look with some old clothes, but I definitely failed at it. Not only the bell trousers couldn’t even go up off my knee, but the velvet button shirt didn’t stop opening. Do you like this style on me? The video is 04.46 minutes long. 1920 x 1080p (Visited 489 times, […]
  • Walkin’ outside
    There’s nothing sexier than a BBW pear walking outside half naked, don’t you think? Watch me belly play, jiggle and dance in the middle of the street, while people walk and watch. The video is 03.05 minutes long. 1920 x 1080p (Visited 1,064 times, 24 visits today)
  • Messy Chocolate Cake 🎂
    The video is 11.19 minutes long. 1920 x 1080p I found the biggest chocolate cake with lots of icing in my neighborhood, planning to make this messy eating clip where I eat aggressively THE ENTIRE THING on all fours, only using my face and mouth. I totally lost control while I also have bug chugs […]
  • Fatty gets stucked – Tiny bathroom and measurement
    The video is 4:51 minutes long. 1920 x 1080p My first video in Spanish! Many asked me to hear my voice in my native language, and I loved being able to feel even more spontaneous in my videos. You can see in this clip how much fun I have being a fat piggie. When I […]
  • Jumping and demolishing balloons and a box 🎈📦
    I’ve always wanted to know the real power of my ass. Since I didn’t have any victims to use to crush, I decided to try some balloons and a cardboard box. First I twerk sensually, then slowly smash the balloons one by one. Afterward, I mercilessly jump on top of the box, rendering it unrecognizable. […]

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