Fatty gets stucked – Tiny bathroom and measurement

By rosie

The video is 4:51 minutes long.

1920 x 1080p

My first video in Spanish! Many asked me to hear my voice in my native language, and I loved being able to feel even more spontaneous in my videos. You can see in this clip how much fun I have being a fat piggie.

When I first visited my friend’s bathroom, I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing: it was EXTREMELY tiny for me. I didn’t even knew if I could go in sideways, and I began to realize that this is what I will end up feeling in the future in all the bathrooms when I start to get even bigger and massive. It was a claustrophobic circumstance but that made it even more exciting and hot.

I decided to shoot a video in a bikini trying to show you the situation, because I know you would enjoy it like me. I literally got stuck a couple of times, completely real, but I used baby oil before, knowing that that could happen. Then I measure the bathroom wall and the width of my hips to show why it is physically impossible for me to fit in there. Would you help me break free by pushing my sweaty fat Or would you use me while I’m stuck? Your decisionโ€ฆ

Video: Fatty gets stucked - Tiny bathroom and measurement
Video: Fatty gets stucked - Tiny bathroom and measurement
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