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Have you ever wondered how much effort you would need to lift my fat belly? How much exactly does the hanging weigh? Surely you have also wondered if you would bear a facesitting from an obese cow, or if you could breathe under large, heavy breasts. In this video I weigh my belly, my breasts and my butt so you can imagine how massive I […]



Let’s say you are on vacation, relaxing at your little balcony. Suddenly you can see how an obese next-door girl showing all of her fatness in public. Not only she bounces her ass but also plays with her hanging soft belly. She likes so much the attention she even ends up showing all of her upper body fat, if you know what I mean πŸ˜‰ […]



SUBTITLES IN ENGLISH (SPANISH AUDIO) πŸ”ˆ Michelle weighs 30 kgs less than me (not for a long time), but what difference is there between our measurements? How many inches does the body change when it weighs 30 kg more? We were so curious that we decided to measure our thighs, butt, hips, waist, chest and arms …What are your guesses? The video is 04.48 minutes […]


Face sitting

Big booties vs skinny guy Michelle and I found out a skinny little guy on Tinder that was too excited to get a facesitting session. So we made his dream come true. I started being gentle and end up literally putting all my weight on his little neck! From sweet sniffing to nose bleeding without mercy… The video is 05.42 minutes long. 1920 x 1080p



How many inches can my ass take? I was just wondering how many things I can hide between my cheeks while I dance, walk, and jump. Those are some very strong weapons, I can assure you! Watch how I jiggle all my body while holding and grabbing 10 different objects with my fat. The video is 10.43 minutes long. 1920 x 1080p



Tried a very risky outfit to go get some groceries. While I walk down the stairs, my ass claps at every step, and my belly jiggles uncontrollably. Once I got down, I realized that was TOO much to go alone outside. Going down the stairs made my ass and tummy pop out of the short skirt I was wearing, and my boobs were almost outside. […]



Tried that skinny 80’ girl look with some old clothes, but I definitely failed at it. Not only the bell trousers couldn’t even go up off my knee, but the velvet button shirt didn’t stop opening. Do you like this style on me? The video is 04.46 minutes long. 1920 x 1080p


Walkin’ outside

There’s nothing sexier than a BBW pear walking outside half naked, don’t you think? Watch me belly play, jiggle and dance in the middle of the street, while people walk and watch. The video is 03.05 minutes long. 1920 x 1080p


Fatty gets stucked – Tiny bathroom and measurement

The video is 4:51 minutes long. 1920 x 1080p My first video in Spanish! Many asked me to hear my voice in my native language, and I loved being able to feel even more spontaneous in my videos. You can see in this clip how much fun I have being a fat piggie. When I first visited my friend’s bathroom, I couldn’t believe what my […]


Jumping and demolishing balloons and a box πŸŽˆπŸ“¦

I’ve always wanted to know the real power of my ass. Since I didn’t have any victims to use to crush, I decided to try some balloons and a cardboard box. First I twerk sensually, then slowly smash the balloons one by one. Afterward, I mercilessly jump on top of the box, rendering it unrecognizable. Watch how I destroy everything with my huge 53’ BBW […]


Pepsi vs Coke – Fatty Competition πŸ·πŸ†

Pepsi or Coke? Who do you think will win? In this all spanish talked video I introduced my beloved chubby friend to the cameras. She started gaining two months ago and finally wanted to show her progress. In this clip, you’ll see two fat blondies competing to see who can burp louder and end quicker her entire soda. Extremeley loud gas and lots of belly […]


Tiny belt gets belly destroyed

In this clip I decide to show you how my gains are looking, and I enjoy my body while doing a sensual belly play. After that, I decide to use a belt to contain all my fat, which turns me on enormously because of my submissive and sado interests. I can feel my skin tighten up and the pressure exerted by that little strip, which […]


Cutie farting in your face

After many requests, my first video of farting me has finally arrived. After a 3,000 calorie Taco Bell stuffing, I could feel my stomach begin to fill with uncontrollable air. I was inflated and feeling totally gassy. Without even planning it, without outside help and completely spontaneously, I found myself lying on the sofa having to release the most stinky and dense farts. In total, […]



It’s been two years since I graduated. I remember feeling cute although at that time I was already the fattest in the class, and possibly in my entire high school in Spain. The dress had to be custom made because no pre-made would have fit me: I mean, it was never a tiny dress. Don’t you wonder how it will look like now, two years […]


First fattening Milkshake

After playing around with my oiled-up ass, I show how I make my first fattening shake, with more than 6 ingredients, 2,500 calories and a pint to gobble down. Watch how I manage to swallow it in less than 5 minutes while I moan to control the pleasure of the stuffing. The video is 09.35 minutes long. 1920 x 1080p


Trying shorts

After a little clip playing with my belly and shaking my ass, I decided to finish my creamy custard, drink enough soda to throw myself some good burps, and try to try on some shorts that I have had for years and that unfortunately I find it increasingly impossible to use. Just for testing, I wanted to see how much I had gained. The pants […]



Ouch 😣 The sun burned my beautiful skin. I’m gonna apply Aloe Vera to all my curves, but I will need to focus lotion on my ass. It’s really huge! πŸ… The video is 05.26 minutes long. 1920 x 1080p


Trying old pants

I kept these two pants thinking that one day I would be thin enough to wear them (what was I supposed to expect?). Two years later I try to try them on … but one of them hardly even goes above my knees. I even have to sit and lie down to get rid of them once they are on, this is worse than the […]


“Twerk” friends

Who would win in a twerking contest? πŸ€”See it for yourself. lol The video is 9:56 minutes long.