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Tried that skinny 80’ girl look with some old clothes, but I definitely failed at it. Not only the bell trousers couldn’t even go up off my knee, but the velvet button shirt didn’t stop opening. Do you like this style on me? The video is 04.46 minutes long. 1920 x 1080p


Jumping and demolishing balloons and a box 🎈📦

I’ve always wanted to know the real power of my ass. Since I didn’t have any victims to use to crush, I decided to try some balloons and a cardboard box. First I twerk sensually, then slowly smash the balloons one by one. Afterward, I mercilessly jump on top of the box, rendering it unrecognizable. Watch how I destroy everything with my huge 53’ BBW […]



Watch me massage myself with oil as I show how my fat is trapped and squeezed between the criss-cross straps of my underwear. My whole body turns into a combination of oily rolls and shiny stretch marks. This round obese belly and those boobs keep trying to escape the pressure from the tiny piece of fabric, and I keep trying to fix it (not very […]