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Look how I chug 5 donuts in less than X minutes while I do some belly play, thighs touch and loud burping. I also swallowed a big iced coffee with extra cream on it! The video is 10.51 minutes long. 1920 x 1080p


Messy Chocolate Cake 🎂

The video is 11.19 minutes long. 1920 x 1080p I found the biggest chocolate cake with lots of icing in my neighborhood, planning to make this messy eating clip where I eat aggressively THE ENTIRE THING on all fours, only using my face and mouth. I totally lost control while I also have bug chugs of whole creamy milk. In the end, I take one […]


Phat Pancakes 🥞

I cooked my first American pancakes and bought two cans of whipped cream just to make sure I hit the 1500 calories on that stuffing session. Sadly, I almost finished the first cream pot while I was at  the kitchen because I couldn’t contain myself. Do you know how much cream a pancake can take? Well, I  double it. Watch me sugar overdose in a […]