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Let’s say you are on vacation, relaxing at your little balcony. Suddenly you can see how an obese next-door girl showing all of her fatness in public. Not only she bounces her ass but also plays with her hanging soft belly. She likes so much the attention she even ends up showing all of her upper body fat, if you know what I mean ๐Ÿ˜‰ […]


Bellybutton Beauty

I tried to try on some pants from last year, but after walking a few seconds with them the button on the pants broke. Releasing my huge belly, I begin to massage it, and to increase my pleasure, I begin to play with my belly button … until I really do some damage. Would you be more delicate, or would you end up fucking it? […]


Cutie farting in your face

After many requests, my first video of farting me has finally arrived. After a 3,000 calorie Taco Bell stuffing, I could feel my stomach begin to fill with uncontrollable air. I was inflated and feeling totally gassy. Without even planning it, without outside help and completely spontaneously, I found myself lying on the sofa having to release the most stinky and dense farts. In total, […]