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Bellybutton Beauty

I tried to try on some pants from last year, but after walking a few seconds with them the button on the pants broke. Releasing my huge belly, I begin to massage it, and to increase my pleasure, I begin to play with my belly button … until I really do some damage. Would you be more delicate, or would you end up fucking it? […]


Oiled friends

๐Ÿ”ˆ ENGLISH SUBTITLES (SPANISH AUDIO) Michelle is reading in her room, feeling a little sad because she has just weighed herself and has gained 3 kg. Amanda, who weighs about 30 kgs more than her, tries to cheer her up. He appears with a bottle of oil and sits behind her with his massive butt, stroking all the fat, reminding her that this is how […]



Watch me massage myself with oil as I show how my fat is trapped and squeezed between the criss-cross straps of my underwear. My whole body turns into a combination of oily rolls and shiny stretch marks. This round obese belly and those boobs keep trying to escape the pressure from the tiny piece of fabric, and I keep trying to fix it (not very […]