πŸ”ˆ ENGLISH SUBTITLES (SPANISH AUDIO) Michelle is reading in her room, feeling a little sad because she has just weighed
How many inches can my ass take? I was just wondering how many things I can hide between my cheeks
Look how I chug 5 donuts in less than X minutes while I do some belly play, thighs touch and
I have literally spent years without exercising or even walking a bit. I have eaten everything I have wanted and
Tried a very risky outfit to go get some groceries. While I walk down the stairs, my ass claps at
Tried that skinny 80’ girl look with some old clothes, but I definitely failed at it. Not only the bell
There’s nothing sexier than a BBW pear walking outside half naked, don’t you think? Watch me belly play, jiggle and
The video is 11.19 minutes long. 1920 x 1080p I found the biggest chocolate cake with lots of icing in
The video is 4:51 minutes long. 1920 x 1080p My first video in Spanish! Many asked me to hear my
I've always wanted to know the real power of my ass. Since I didn't have any victims to use to
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